Local Band Fakes Deaths of All Members  

Earlier this week, local NH band Cross the Divide, in a valiant ditch-all attempt to get fans out to shows, announced the tragic deaths of each of its members. Naturally, fans of the hard rock artist were speculative and wondered how the band members were still posting if all the members were, in-fact, dead. 

Rumors of the faked deaths have thrown fans of the band into a frenzy, causing many to abandon the artist entirely, but hardening most in their loyalty. 

News of the first alleged-death broke Tuesday when Cross the Divide's myspace page announced the death of drummer, Jake. The posting simply stated "R.I.P Jake. Wish you had stayed for the movie." Later that same day, the page posted again offering more "detail" into the touted departing of their friend by stating "[Tuesday] Jake was the unsuspecting victim of darkness in the valley. We cannot sleep, we cannot dream tonight. You're already a voice inside our heads. Can't believe you're ded"

With fans already in an uproar over the death, the band followed this story on Wednesday afternoon by announcing that bassist, Chase, had been found dead that morning. The post stated "..Chase got shot.The po-po are looking into it.." The posting asserted that Chase had been in a fight the night before, with a dozen midgets and a shark. The band blamed the shooting on the shark, but made no further comment on the matter. 

At this point, fans of the band were beginning to suspect that these deaths might not be real, and the members still seemed to be commenting on their twitter accounts and sending snaps on snapchat. One user shared that Chase snapped a photo of himself in a speedo with the quote "This freek won't breek the streek".

On Thursday morning the band announced the final, and most confusing death: of guitarist, Zac. The post offered a selfie of Zac covered in fake blood (which 
we assume is ketchup, as there was a ketchup bottle in the photo). The caption read "I dide for real. I'm really dead. Avenge me!" before switching voices in the same post and saying "We never won't forget him, the leader of the pack. - Jake and Chase"

As allegations and charges mounted against the band that the deaths were faked, the band hardened its stance stating, "We're dead. Just grieve and move on. Also, please buy tickets to our show this weekend."

The band's show this weekend is reportedly SOLD OUT, as are all of the deceased band's upcoming tour dates.  

CROSS THE DIVIDE Comes Out Swinging with Hard Hitting New Single “Not a Victim” 

Billboard hard rock artist CROSS THE DIVIDE has just announced the June 14 release of “Not a Victim”. This is the first of FOUR upcoming singles produced by PILLAR Guitarist and award winning producer NOAH HENSON. 

Cross the Divide’s singer and guitarist Zac Paquette states about the track: “'Not A Victim' is about victory and growth. I’ve been through some pretty extreme stuff, and I know countless others who have seen incredible challenges. This song is about shedding the labels of the ‘victim’ and learning to pick up the broken pieces of our lives, learn, grow, and walk in victory. Too many people live in the shadow of the past. We have to stop defining our present and future on that. We have to learn to fight forward. 

Cross the Divide released their previous LP, titled “Fearless", as an independent band in October 2016. Three songs from the album saw national airplay, including “The Perfect Storm”, Sail on the Stars”, and “Glow in the Dark” which reached #25 for several weeks on Billboard’s CHR chart. 

The band credits Ryan McMahan (RSK Music Group, Oath Management) for connecting them with Noah Henson, stating “without Ryan, this really would never have happened. He’s an incredible guy, and we truly hope we can continue to work with him more going forward. 

Zac adds: “It has been an intense road to get these songs out. They show a darker, heavier side of Cross the Divide, but also a lot of growth and maturity in our writing. Noah played an absolutely vital role in that. The dude [Noah] is wild in a really fun way, and he’s an absolute creative monster.” 

“Not a Victim” releases on June 14th on all streaming platforms. 

Teaser Video: 

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Welcome to the Brand New Cross the Divide Website! 

One of many new things this year (and it will soon undergo some appearance changes) is this page, our BRAND NEW WEBSITE! This site will streamline our store functions, our player, and will make communication easier in many ways. We're very excited for many new things this year, from new music to new merch, tour dates, and more. Much more to come. Check out our shows tab for tour dates!